Young Ngoc Nguyen coaches a considerable number of Norwegian and foreign hotels. Nguyen asks the public funding agencies to listen better to inexperienced entrepreneurs.

Former boat refugee Young Ngoc Nguyen has had a huge success since the establishment of the company d2o (Deadline 2 Online) in 2000.

Tools for hotel management
In the course of a scant decade has a number of hotels at home and abroad focused on management and administration tool PMI (Performance, Management, Intelligence) in its daily operations. In Norway includes initiatives more than half of hotel room capacity.

According to Nguyen the PMI tool provides the opportunity for an overview of income, time use and commodity costs in all production part of the hotel, right down to daily productivity in the bar. The control can thus take place in a whole new level of detail. The product is an innovation in modern hotel operation and is already in use in China, USA, Morocco, South Africa and a number of European countries.

Hard to find support
– As a small start-up company with the need to get started quickly, it was important for us to examine the support options, “says Nguyen. After some searching it turned out that the only available remedy was SkatteFUNN. He got his first d2o approval in 2003. Since then, two additional projects has been approved.

(Under the SkatteFUNN scheme, business enterprises engaged in research and development activity on their own or in collaboration with others may apply for a tax deduction.)

Nguyen believes SkatteFUNN scheme is simple and effective, and prefer to write the applications on his own. To pay someone for your work is, in his eyes, a direct waste of resources. – The application process must be adapted so that any project owner should be able to search without having to spend money on expensive middlemen, he said.

– Listen to the founders
Nguyen and his brother took all the had – that is, a very modest amount of savings – to develop the idea of a management system for hotels. Formal background in the form of education in finance and hotel management from Norway, USA and Switzerland was in place. However, they had major issues to find financial help from the public, and he believe that the reason could be the very industry they had chosen:

– I go with the feeling that the hotel industry challenges – along with many others in Services – has hitherto been a weak position in Research and thinking in the Research Council, says Nguyen. He believes that research can be performed by anyone other than authorized researchers and research institutions, particularly in disciplines that traditionally do not do research. As a young, inexperienced entrepreneur with a good business idea it may feel hard not to be understood when attempting to describe the project’s challenges. 
 – Public funding agencies must find a way to listen more effectively to inexperienced entrepreneurs, is his advice.

Artificial intelligence
d2o has recently received approval for its third SkatteFUNN application. The former developed management tool (PMI) will be upgraded with the implementation of “Artificial intelligence” (AI) in the form of an automatic Coach. The Coach will provide ongoing advice on how the respective leaders can learn from their mistakes. The advice is based on the best performance (best practice) in a knowledge database. The database is built over a particularly good performance of skilled managers at hotels, for example, hotel managers, chefs and housekeeping.

The “AI” will be both resource-efficient and targeted because it can take over parts of control, monitoring and coaching management roles at hotels. Nguyen has so far not found any other software that can take up competition with PMI. He will strike while the the iron is hot, and will give it all in the U.S.. SkatteFUNN wish good luck!