– Our dream and vision is that PMI will be a standard, not only at Norwegian hotels, but in the hotel industry in general, “said Nguyen Ngoc Young of d2o.

The PMI system has been heavily involved in the Norwegian hotel industry for several years. The company, d2o, has about 60% of the Norwegian market. Now the cost and revenue management system has gained access into the National Agency for Higher Education, writes Peter Wiederstrøm in HRR no.8.

The company d2o – not to mention its principal owner and founder, Young Ngoc Nguyen – are in demand like never before. A new milestone was reached in autumn when Finnmark College drove initiated a curriculum in which students are introduced to the practical use of the PMI system. With the team’s from Rica Hotels, also the first major Norwegian d2o customer.

CEO. Young Ngoc Nguyen tells about the background of the University College commitment.

– Firstly, this is something that the industry has requested, as the PMI system is so widespread. For a large part of the industry this has become a standard, and something that did not exist previously. Another reason is that we will tie into the academic environment and research. The third is a dream and vision that PMI will be a standard, not only at Norwegian hotels, but in the hotel industry in general.

The first tourism students at the University College of Finnmark have already been inducted with PMI training, and they have been through a mix of plenary lectures and independent study with practical application. In addition, key personnel from Rica Hotels lectured on how the system is used in daily operations.

The essential issue is that students will gain a solid sense of how PMI is used in “real life”. Theory and practice go hand in hand, in other words. The scheme is sewn together in this way:

d2o company has, in collaboration with the University College, prepared a business case based on a variety of real and vibrant hotels. Students have been able to exercise the acquired knowledge and skills in the use of PMI, General Revenue Management, Productivity and Cost Management.

Entirely positive experiences

Finnmark University College, is very satisfied with the project that was recently completed.

– So far, our experience is entirely positive. It’s great to work with a company that is based on theoretical and practical knowledge and have created a system that uses this expertise. This has been a great program for students who have used their theoretical training in a practical context, “said Department of Tourism, Hotel Management and the Media, Arild Røkenes.

Incredibly important for the daily operation

Rica Hotels has been involved in the educational design that d2o and Finnmark University College have put together. Regional Director for Finnmark, Knut Sigurd Pettersen, sees a great value in the connection to the National Agency for Higher Education.

– We have learned to love the PMI in that it is incredibly important to our daily operations. Therefore, we believe it is very important that those going into this industry has insight into the system. The educational plan for the University College has been very good. Through dialogue the University College gets input and ideas to develop the program. We get access to more skilled personnel, also by offering internships to students. In this way we complement each other.