March 29, 2012:  d2o Receives Prestigious Norwegian Consultant Award

Members of Norway’s consulting industry gathered yesterday at Gamle Logen to honor outstanding industry achievements. The anticipation was high before the announcement of the awards. “This year there were an unbelievable number of strong nominations worthy of winning. The work of the committee has therefore been both exciting and challenging,” says Ola Furu, chair of the awards committee and CEO of Capgemini.

Wild Card Award of the Year
By awarding d2o with this prize we want to honor a company which has identified a niche in the market-a niche that creates very good return on investment and profit improvement for the hotel and restaurant industry. We think it is great that a small Norwegian company is expanding its footprint in the international market,” say Anne Cathrine Røste, CEO of Konsulentguiden, who handed out the prize.

All four winners are covered extensively in Kapital, a leading business magazine in Norway.

About the Consultant Awards
The Management Award was established to reward outstanding players in the consulting industry, and to promote the importance of consulting in Norway’s economic growth. The awards are based on a concept developed and implemented by our Danish and British sister organizations, respectively. Danish Management Council and the Institute of Business Consulting.

Behind the consultant awards are:

  • Abelia, a non-profit business association of Norwegian knowledge- and technology-based enterprises,
  • Konsulentguide, a publishing company providing consultancy overview and news, and
  • Institute of Management Consultants Norway (IMC), an institution for CMC certification. IMC is a member of International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)