Photograph:  d2o, Kjell Gangdal, receiving his diploma in Oslo on Thursday 24 May 2012. Photographer: Catharina Wandrup

From Kirkenes in the north to Johannesburg in the south, and from Waikiki to the east, to Phuket in the west, Kjell Gangdal provided training for over 2,500 senior managers, department managers and students. He has a strong desire to share his knowledge and experience and an ability to engage and challenge leaders and students, which makes them look forward to meeting him again.

Kjell deliver value in their education, have helped to improve his clients’ operational management, without compromising customer service.

The jury’s statement reads:
With a genuine love of learning and a strong passion to share his knowledge and insights, this person has taught and trained students and executives in all corners of the world. He has an extraordinary ability to create a learning environment where managers and students feel safe, respected, and at the same time challenged. We congratulate Kjell Raymond Gangdal, Director of Education and Training at d2o, as Educator of the Year.