Aina Hospitality – The Ring Hotel Vienna

//Aina Hospitality – The Ring Hotel Vienna

Aina Hospitality – The Ring Hotel Vienna


This fine, luxurious hotel with a great ambiance we also count as part of our PMI family as PMI R&P is now used by The Ring Hotel.

We do thank Mr Rigo and his team for engaging so well into the world of Productivity Management!

  • Café au lait – the interior design concept.
  • Casual – the feel-at-home ambience.
  • Personalised – the service.
  • Authentic period features; a blend of the traditional and the modern.
  • The historical lift, stuccoed walls in the Ring Suite and old tiling on the staircase are counterbalanced by contemporary design features, warm hues, chic furnishings and an individual design for every room.
  • Resplendent, casual and luxurious. And above all, personal. It’s a wonderful life at “The Ring“!”
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