d2o: You have been using PMI for time some now – how do you feel about it?

MK: The system and it’s principle overall is a good tool to forecast and plan productivity of our people in relation to the hours required to man the business levels.
The challenge is that with forecasting if the recommendation is to reduce the staff working hours what do we do with these people who are not required?

  • Vacations and extra days off last only a certain amount of time.
  • For departments what work more on casual labor this is perfectly in balance however.

d2o: How is using PMI different from how you may have worked before?

MK: Is is teaching us to become better business leaders and more advanced planners

d2o: Would you recommend PMI to another hotel? Why?

MK: Yes but only if fully integrated.

d2o: In your role, what does PMI do for you?

MK: Well it…

  • Allows me to review the performance and manpower planning of our teams
  • Allows me to have an understanding of actual performance against forecasted.
  • Allows me to review the planning of our departmental heads.

 d2o: Why was PMI brought to your company?

MK: To us improve productivity – at least allowing us more awareness of where we can focus allowing us to nip and tuck where it can help the bottom line.

Mark Kirby

General Manager

Armani Hotels Dubai