d2o: You have been using PMI for time some now – how do you feel about it?

CA: The Winery Hotel has been using PMI for about a year and a half now.  With other hotels I have been using PMI for 6 years.  PMI is an integral part of how we make strategies, follow up and steer our business.  Before PMI, day to day operations consisted of hundreds of excel sheets where you never knew which one was updated or not.

d2o: How is using PMI different from how you may have worked before?

CA: A key in managing a successful hotel operation is to always know where you are and where you are going to end up.  PMI makes that forecast and analysis easy, you can make changes in an early stage because of correct and reliable information.  In most hotels, information and data are in several different systems, PMI collects that data and puts it all in one place for easy access both in your desktop and mobile.

d2o: Would you recommend PMI to another hotel? Why?

CA: Yes but only if fully integrated.

d2o: In your role, what does PMI do for you?

CA: It means that I can always base my decision on correct data and further on, be sure to deliver on forecast and budgets.  It is time saving!

d2o: Why was PMI brought to your company?

CA: PMI is not only a day to day operations system for me, but it involves every department head who works with it.  There is a greater understanding in financial goals and how to reach them.  Greater precision in forecasting which makes it much easier to reach set out goals and deliver on results.

Claes Aneryd

General Manager

The Winery Hotel, Solna