You have been using PMI for time some now – how do you feel about it?

PMI is first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I look at before I go to bed. I continuously see more and more use of the program. Today, it is the most important tool at my disposal.

How is using PMI different from how you may have worked before?

I used to having to check with several sources to get a complete overview of the status of the hotel; consulting Hotel PMS to calling support departments like sales and revenue. Today, I only check PMI.

Would you recommend PMI to another hotel? Why?

I would recommend PMI in a heartbeat!
It has revolutionized the way I work and allows me to more efficiently react to changes to my property’s environment. Additionally, the easy access to historic data has also improved my ability to track progression of our product, which again helps me to further optimize our operation.

In your role, what does PMI do for you?

PMI provides me a complete overview of my property’s past, present and future situation. With all of this information easily available, I am able to react correctly and make better decisions more efficiently.

 Why was PMI brought to your company?

PMI was brought to my company to help us make better decisions more efficiently, which it absolutely has. While I am an avid user of the program, I am continuously learning about new ways PMI can help me.

Thor Halvorsen

General Manager (Captain)

Moxy Munich Messe