Our BRE* team offers a selection of services which you as our client may benefit from.

* Benefits Realization Enablement

Their common objective is to assist you in developing Performance Management Excellence as a core part of your management work enabling you to improve in managing your resources, ensure guest service, increase in-house sales and ultimately your business bottom line.

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Turnover among key team members is a general challenge in all hospitality organizations

New team members might not be familiar with PMI and PMI best practices. Automatic services offered within PMI, like My Training and On Screen help, will assist them in getting up to speed. And still, they may hesitate to dive into your PMI universe in a confident way.

We are happy to assist and offer 1 – 3 hours on-boarding programs, taking them through the most important parts of PMI. This includes learning about key functionalities, best practice routines both daily and monthly as well as providing answers to WHY PMI has been chosen as a management tool, HOW PMI works and WHAT is expected of them as Department Heads.

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BRE Training

Revitalization Programs

(Revenue & Productivity – Profit & Loss)

You may for some reason be experiencing that PMI over time has lost relevance or importance within the organization. This may have several valid reasons, but it will in our experience over time inevitably lead to a loss of productivity (RevPOLU going down), as well as less transparency and collaboration within the organization. So, from time to time a revitalization process might be well invested time and money. This package will typically include:

  • d2o analysis of historic PMI data and usage to identify the exact revitalization need, re-validation of existing figures, suggested changes in the organization, configuration and mapping
  • A walkthrough of the system with the whole management team. WHY, HOW and WHAT are questions to be answered – onsite or through a webinar
  • 1-2-1 sessions with all department heads – onsite or as webinar
  • 30 days intense follow-up after revitalisation
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PMI Espresso

As managers we tend to develop “tunnel sight”, focusing on the challenges right in front of us and losing the big picture.

Getting nudged from time to time by someone who sees the operation from the outside, may be very useful. It changes focus and shows us things that may be very important, just not very visible to our own eyes at the moment. Something like “not seeing the forest for the trees”.

Our PMI Espresso is the d2o way of nudging, serving you a concentrated shot of information based on what we find in your own PMI universe. The objective is to show you ways of making an impact on your bottom line through behavioral changes, and to bring you topics to table in meetings with your team.

The PMI Espresso can be served weekly, bi-weekly or monthly according to your request, and it comes as a subscription at a reasonable fee. We assure you this is fascinatingly interesting and the benefit is great!

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BRE Espresso

PMI Espresso – Concentrated, stimulating shot of revenue and productivity analysis!

Hoang Nguyend2o

Centre of Excellence for Productivity Management

Developing Performance Management Excellence as a core management skill within your organization is a process. Assisting you on that journey is what we do every day. d2o is a team of seasoned and experienced hotel professionals.

If a dedicated and professional partner over a longer period of time is what you are looking for, our CoE – Centre of Excellence – is the most reliable and impactful program you will ever find.

Young Ngoc Nguyend2o
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To help clients succeed in fostering and sustaining a disciplined yet entrepreneurial and service-oriented organisational culture as measured by continuously improved productivity and profit

How does it work?

Entering an agreement with our CoE, as an individual property or a group, you get direct access to dedicated d2o coaches working together with you in a continuous process. The team brings to the engagement deep productivity management knowledge, skills, experiences, ownership, methods, tools, templates, approaches and ideas that have shown to have beneficial application across multiple clients.

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