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d2o COO and CEO on the front cover of the Norwegian newspaper BA (Bergens Avisen)

Hoang Nguyen (46) og Young Nguyen (49) er for tiden bosatt i henholdsvis Stavanger og USA, men de anser Bergen som hjembyen, forteller de. FOTO: STIAN ESPELAND Brødrene har hatt en eventyrlig reise i hotellbransjen Strand Hotell i Bergen var båtflyktningene Young og Hoang Nguyen sitt første møte med [...]

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d2o 15 Years Anniversary in Miami Florida – September 2015

Our existence is grounded on the promise to help hoteliers work smarter and do so in a more engaging way. Every day, each of us takes personal pride in making this real even if it requires us to go a few extra miles. We know our clients appreciate this and trust that we do it [...]

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500% ROI – Or get your money back!

HRRnett (Hotel, Restaurant & Travel life) newspaper had an article about Young N. Nguyen, founder of d2o,  and about the unique Dynamic Performance Management software suite (PMI) that lets hotel and catering companies to run their businesses more cost-effective. The article is in Norweian and can be downloaded bas a PDF below.  HRRnett article (Norwegian) PDF [...]

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Boat refugee aim at the top

The Norwegian Newspaper Drammens Tidene had an article about me last Wednesday (June 6th 2012). It is a portrait of me when I came to Norway as a boat refugee and about d2o’s (deadline 2 online as) expansion into the U.S. market. Source: Drammens Tidene, 6/6 2012, Lars Johnsen (Photo) Here you can read the full [...]

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d2o Receives Prestigious Norwegian Consultant Award

March 29, 2012:  d2o Receives Prestigious Norwegian Consultant Award Members of Norway’s consulting industry gathered yesterday at Gamle Logen to honor outstanding industry achievements. The anticipation was high before the announcement of the awards. “This year there were an unbelievable number of strong nominations worthy of winning. The work of the committee has therefore been both [...]

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