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Former boat refugee – now successful Entrepreneur

Young Ngoc Nguyen coaches a considerable number of Norwegian and foreign hotels. Nguyen asks the public funding agencies to listen better to inexperienced entrepreneurs. Former boat refugee Young Ngoc Nguyen has had a huge success since the establishment of the company d2o (Deadline 2 Online) in 2000. […]

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Feeling the values, Celebrating 10-year Anniversary in Istanbul Turkey

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, the executive team and a select long-term clients has enjoyed a three-day event in Istanbul in October titled, “Hard Labor and Success.” Explore the gallery link below to view photos from this event. Photos by Eivind Senneset Download or view the d2o 2010 Istanbul Booklet: Feeling the values Related News article

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Boat Refugee Manages the Hotel Industry

Boat refugee. Young Ngoc Nguyen, now at the age of 40, has gone from malnourished boat refugee to a consultant for 60 percent of the Norwegian hotel industry. Strand Hotel. Hotel Founder Erling Falch Monsen hired Young Ngoc Nguyen as a consultant and followed up by buying the old boat-people’s refugee hotel. […]

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University to Use PMI for Professional Management Course

Tourism Management students at the University College of Finnmark (HiF) are to learn using PMI, a “super tool” for those who manage a hotel. The education shall be carried out in collaboration with the Rica Hotels group. PMI is a computer tool that keeps track of “everything” relating to hotel operations. […]

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d2o & Partners Acquire the Leading Scandinavian Quality Assurance Company QI (Quality Improvement International AS)

OSLO – Norway, November 13th 2009 d2o, a leader in Revenue, Labour Productivity and Cost Management solutions to the hotel and restaurant industries, and its partners have acquire QI (Quality Improvement International AS), the premier Scandinavian provider of quality assurance for the hospitality, catering and travel industries. Young Ngoc Nguyen, CEO and Founder of d2o, said: [...]

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