What does d2o wish for its customers?

"Our vision is to create a better and more predictable work-life for the customers by empowering them to easily allocate resources where and when it is most needed to create the promised guest experience." This fits well with RHG's Destination 2022, a 5-year plan, and made d2o the partner of choice to help introduce [...]

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Conquering Seasonality with PMI by d2o

Welcome to the conquest of Seasonality! PMI by d2o changes complex information into efficient management tools. It involves some data components and an algorithm to derive seasonality. Buckle-up because this may be a technical ride! First things first, we need a driver to feed the algorithm. A driver can be used to represent [...]

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The Antidote to Seasonality

What is "Seasonality" in the context of PMI? The hospitality industry has been challenged with the "seasonality epidemic" and d2o is delivering the antidote. It all starts with the data and some unique algorithms with PMI. Continue reading for a quick lesson on Seasonality basics: Class is in session. [...]

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Rethinking Hospitality Productivity

Hospitality Productivity Management – a necessity for increased profitability and service quality For many, when talking about productivity management in hospitality it appears to be inappropriate like swearing in a church. Many hoteliers unfortunately assume that increasing productivity is synonymous with deteriorating service quality or pushing their employees to work even harder. It doesn’t have to [...]

Revenue Management – a necessary evil, but not sufficient for delivering profitably

The marketplace is becoming more transparent and efficient – transformed into a reversed-auction, where hotels essentially attract guests by offering the lowest price. As an industry practice, Revenue Management has taken away the hotel’s control of profitability. But there is a way to get it back. Revenue Management (originally called Yield Management) arguably got its big [...]

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Rolling Forecasts: How to manage future performance, not just predict it

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Two key factors are shaping today’s hotel performance – consumer technology and revenue management methodology. Increased use of technology has changed how consumers buy and hoteliers operate. With the adoption of revenue management, pricing is now established by market intelligence, not a hotel’s margin requirements. To get some control back over profitability, operators should use [...]

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A Scientific Approach for Effectively Cleaning Hotel Rooms

Over the last 20 years, there have been tremendous technological improvements when it comes to building hotels, the equipment that supports operations, and even the guest room furnishings. At the same time, there has been an equivalent increase in guest expectations and behavior. Today's guest does not want to waste time searching, booking, checking in, paying, [...]

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