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PMI adoption index: Option to filter scores by group and export scores

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In PMI adoption index, it is now possible to filter scores by group and export scores for a Chain.

To view scores per chain:

  1. Select ‘All properties’ in the navigation breadcrumb.
  2. Select ‘View all properties’ in the ‘Lowest property scores’ tile.
  3. Select the drop down by filter ‘Show’ to select a group.
    1. Only properties within the selected group will then show in the list below.
    2. The scores in brackets are the group scores. These are accumulated scores of all properties within that group. Each property has a different weighting depending on the size of that specific property. Size is measured by revenue and hours worked in the last 7 weeks. A larger department will have a bigger impact on the total score. 
  4. Click on a property in the list to go directly to their index dashboard.
  5. Select the export icon to export to Excel or Google Sheets.
    1. Only the properties in the filtered group will be in the export file. If ‘All’ is selected then all properties in a chain will show in the export file.