Report Trial Balance (trial_balance)

  1. Click NEW
  2. On report overview write trial in the Report field, click search
  3. Choose Trial Balance
  4. Click ok
  5. Print to file
  6. File format Delimited data
  7. ok
Report Trial Balance (trial_balance)
2 Trial Balance (trial_balance)
3 Trial Balance (trial_balance)

Set date to -1

If you cannot reach Set Date – please to the following:

  • go to Configuration in Opera
  • Setup
  • Report Setup
  • Reports
  • Search for Trial Balance
  • Edit the Trial Balance
  • Click on Parameters button
  • Save (do not change anything just click Save)
  • Ok
  • Exit the module

Then back to Opera Scheduler and the Set Date is visible

4 Trial Balance (trial_balance)
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