d2o is the pioneer and leading provider of real-time performance management solutions for the hospitality industry.

PMI Suite increases productivity through a collaborative approach. With transparency of real-time data, departments work tighter together to achieve results. Help motivate your department managers by creating a greater sense of ownership, guidance and clear goals.

PMI Strategy:

  • Improve hoteliers workday by helping them manage the most important costs: labor hours, F&B and more.
  • While maintaining quality service, advanced on-demand algorithms accurately predict occupancy, effective labor hours and F&B needs.
  • Accurate real-time data empowers hospitality managers, at every level, to better anticipate operational changes on-time. Resulting in increased productivity, lowest possible labor costs, F&B optimization, reduced waste and higher profits.

PMI suite

R&P (Revenue & Productivity) module Increases your forecast accuracy and labor productivity

Planning (Profit & Loss) module
Automates your P&L budgeting and forecasting process

GoGreen module Monitors energy efficiency initiatives and costs

Task module Organizes daily and periodic tasks more efficiently

PMI Revenue and Productivity module

Increases your forecast accuracy and labor productivity

Empowers people to work together more efficiently to perform at their best. R&P module provides the tools that empower your team to allocate resources more efficiently and profitably.


  • Moves from deadline-driven reporting to online collaboration
  • Increases forecast accuracy with real-time updates of business on the books
  • Adapts food purchases to eliminate F&B under-supply or waste
  • Aligns labor schedules with shifts in demand
  • Ensures focus on performance as a business strategy


  • Live Forecasts for all departments
  • Food Cost Containment
  • Integrates Employee Scheduling
  • Efficient Labor Management
  • Collaboration, Coaching and Alerts
  • Enterprise Consolidation and Performance Benchmarking

Revenue Manager Forecast – A rolling 13+ month live forecast with daily updates reflecting the latest pickups, plus, trending based on current booking patterns and segment mix.

F&B Outlet Manager Forecast – A rolling 13+ month live forecast including room revenue and other revenue driver based forecasting.

Corporate Office and Regional Consolidation – A complete online overview of the properties’ performance forecasts related to occupancy, reservations on the books, revenue, food cost and labor productivity, with drill-down capabilities.

General Manager and Financial Controller – An instant bird’s eye view of current performance and forecasts in the key areas, highlighting problem areas requiring coaching.

Departmental Labor Productivity Planning – Projection of the labor resource level required for the next days, weeks and months, based on resource driver rolling forecasts.

Executive Chef Food Cost Control – Daily control of food cost—without counting inventory—based on daily automatic food revenue rolling forecast.

PMI Planning (Profit & Loss) module

Automates your P&L budgeting and forecasting process

Free yourself from time-consuming spreadsheets, outdated forecasts, and end-of-year reporting panic. Deliver key decision-making data in real time. Automates your forecasting and budgeting processes, including the elimination of manual updates while streamlining procedures to provide the intel needed to optimize your profitability.


  • Reduce cumbersome paperwork, multiple spreadsheet versions, and manual errors
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Access each department’s current live forecast in real time
  • Focus on revenue-building strategies, team building and proactive tactics for allocating resources
  • Establish enterprise-wide financial accountability
  • Optimize profitability at target service levels


  • Goal-based budgeting by department
  • Complete forecasting across all revenue centers
  • Automatic department rollup for enterprise reporting
  • Automatic version control with tracking
  • Process management with alerts, approvals, rejections etc.
  • Automated variable and semi-variable costs handling
  • Automatic revenue and costs correlated to occupancy and/or other indicators
  • Online profit & loss monitoring for departmental, property, regional and corporate level

PMI GoGreen module

Monitors energy efficiency initiatives and costs

Resource control best practices can be easily applied to energy consumption. Designed to help hotels and restaurants reduce energy consumption and waste by monitoring daily consumption. Daily usage is linked to similar labor and F&B costs drivers, such as occupancy, F&B covers, length of stay etc.


  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Support conservation initiatives and corporate goals
  • Provide a more environment-friendly experience for your guests

(The GoGreen module works best with an online measuring tool for energy and water; however, it is not a pre-requisite. GoGreen can help your operation become more energy efficient while instilling environmental best practices and reducing operating costs.)

PMI Task module

Organizes daily and periodic tasks more efficiently

Enables department heads to organize daily and periodic tasks more efficiently. Achieve better use of the labor force and obtain better quality results. The data can be consolidated and benchmarked across the group. PMI Task Management can help your operation achieve its goals by being more efficient and focused on both short and long-term objectives.

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