Customer Testimonials

Plenty of other hospitality businesses have been where you are now: wanting to improve productivity and boost their bottom line. In the testimonials below our customers review their experience with PMI and outline some of the tangible benefits and improvements they have achieved.

Moxy Munich Messe – Thor F. Halvorsen | Captain

You have been using PMI for time some now - how do you feel about it? PMI is first thing I check in the morning and the last thing I look at before I go to bed. I continuously see more and more use of the program. Today, it is the most important tool at my disposal. How is using PMI different from how you may have worked before? I used [...]

Armani Hotels & Resorts (United Arab Emirates) – Mark Kirby | General Manager

d2o: You have been using PMI for time some now - how do you feel about it? MK: The system and it’s principle overall is a good tool to forecast and plan productivity of our people in relation to the hours required to man the business levels. The challenge is that with forecasting if the recommendation is to reduce the staff working hours what do we do with these people who are not [...]

The Winery – Claes Aneryd | General Manager

d2o: You have been using PMI for time some now - how do you feel about it? CA: The Winery Hotel has been using PMI for about a year and a half now.  With other hotels I have been using PMI for 6 years.  PMI is an integral part of how we make strategies, follow up and steer our business.  Before PMI, day to day operations consisted of hundreds of excel sheets where [...]

Ernst Høva, Owner | Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel

At any moment I can see exactly where our business is and where is heading. The Operational Heads have their financial targets that are more relevant and available than ever before, in a business environment where month-end deadlines are not good enough. Food cost has dropped more than $ 308,000 after 12 months of the PMI implementation.

Pål Reinertsen, Financial Director | Thon Partner Hotel

PMI gives us full visibility into the revenue & cost management of individual departments and a better understanding of our performance process through daily reviews of ongoing opportunities. It is very important for us to know the revenue forecast as well as labour productivity daily in order to take proper measures quickly and proactively, and prevent negative deviations.

Arve Giske, General Manager | Holmen Fjordhotell

At my colleague’s hotel, I became interested in those red, yellow and green “lamps” on his PC, next to the organisation chart. When he explained that the symbols indicated the actual departmental performance – red = below target and green = on or above target as well as the fact that it warns when a department is not up to date. I understood right away that this tool will be very useful for [...]

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