PMI Profit & Loss – Make Your Goal, Meet Your Goal

Time-consuming, hard-to-read spreadsheets, outdated forecasts and end-of-year reporting panic are common grievances among hospitality executives. Our team of hospitality veterans here at d2o has experienced this first-hand and aims to free you from these issues.

How? With PMI (Productivity Management Intelligence) Profit & Loss, our powerful online planning, budgeting and forecasting solution. It delivers key decision-making data in real time and seamlessly links operational tactics with financial plans to provide reliable insights and more accurate forecasts based on data from existing source systems.

PMI’s Profit & Loss Module

Fine-tune your P&L reporting for optimized performance

PMI’s dedicated P&L module pulls live information from your property management systems and uses it to automate your forecasting and budgeting processes. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual updates and collation of reports while keeping you in the know at all times. In today’s fast-paced world this is the key to winning: having access to accurate data and being able to quickly coordinate and align resources in order to take action.

  • Reduce cumbersome paperwork, multiple spreadsheet versions, and manual errors

  • Eliminate information silos

  • Increase forecast accuracy

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

  • Access each department’s current live forecast in real time

  • Establish enterprise-wide financial accountability

  • Optimize profitability at target service levels

  • Focus on revenue-building strategies, team building and proactive tactics for allocating resources

  • Goal-based budgeting by department

  • Complete forecasting across all revenue centers

  • Automatic department roll-up for enterprise reporting

  • Automatic version control with tracking

  • Process management with alerts, approvals, rejections etc.

  • Automated variable and semi-variable cost handling

  • Automatic revenue and costs correlated to occupancy and/or other indicators

  • Online profit & loss monitoring for departmental, property, regional and corporate level

Streamline Your  Performance

This tool blends planning with predictive analytics for better foresight.

Using PMI’s P&L module streamlines your planning and reporting procedures and provides the insights needed to optimize your profitability in a single department, a property or across the whole group.

By addressing both financial and operational needs, PMI helps you coordinate and align your information to ensure you make informed, confident decisions. The tool synthesizes information, infers trends and thus empowers you to drive better results.

The access to live performance data offers hoteliers a unique chance to identify where to concentrate efforts of improvement so they can move their projects forward and enables them to share relevant details with everyone from department managers and head office to owners and shareholders.

PMI forecast software technology infographic

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Hands-on exploration!

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Talk to our Experts!

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Need more proof?

Need more proof?

Does that all sound way too good to be true? We don’t expect you to take our word for it.
That’s why we’ve put together a case study about our client Pandox Hotels and the amazing results they’ve gotten from PMI.

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