PMI R&P Planning and budgeting

Free yourself from time-consuming spreadsheets, outdated forecasts, and end-of-year reporting panic.

Part of d2o’s Productivity Management Intelligence (PMI) suite, Planning is a 100% web-based solution that automates your forecasting and budgeting processes. So you eliminate manual updates, streamline procedures and get the knowledge you need to optimize profitability.

Ubiquitous access to planning data

PMI Planning delivers key decision-making data in real time. Forecasts and budgets are always up to date and available online 24 hours a day. No more waiting for an email with a hastily compiled forecast that arrives minutes before your deadline. With one keystroke, you can capture each department’s most current rolling forecast. And decision makers can conveniently view, update and act upon data from a browser on any PC or mobile device.

What Planning Empowers You To Do

  • Reduce cumbersome paperwork, multiple spreadsheet versions, and manual errors
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Access each department’s current rolling forecast in real time
  • Focus on revenue-building strategies, team building and proactive tactics for allocating resources
  • Establish enterprise-wide financial accountability
  • Optimize profitability at target service levels

A Comprehensive Plan — at your fingertips

  • Goal-based Budgeting by Department
  • Complete Forecasting across all Revenue Centers
  • Automatic Department Rollup for Enterprise Reporting
  • Automatic Version Control with tracking
  • Process Management with alerts, approvals, rejections, and more
  • Automated variable and semi-variable costs handling
  • Automatic revenue and costs correlated to occupancy and/or other indicators
  • Online Profit & Loss Monitoring for departmental, property, regional and corporate level.
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