A New Perspective to Productivity Management – PMI™

PMI Revenue and Productivity  (R&P) empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently to perform at their best.

With a new perspective, decision makers manage future outcomes and improve performance. PMI R&P provides the tools that empower hotels to allocate resources more efficiently and profitably:

  • Moving from deadline-driven reporting to online collaboration
  • Increasing forecast accuracy with real-time updates of business on the books
  • Adapting food purchases to eliminate F&B under-supply or waste
  • Aligning labor schedules with shifts in demand
  • Ensuring disciplined focus on performance as a business strategy

With all departments working towards a common performance goal, PMI R&P streamlines processes and helps uncover new sources of profit by:

  • Rolling Forecast for all departments
  • Food Cost Containment
  • Integrated Employee Scheduling
  • Labor Efficiency Management
  • Collaboration, Coaching and Alerts
  • Enterprise Consolidation and Performance Benchmarking

PMI R&P redefines the unique revenue forecasting and resource allocation processes of every department in your organization.

Revenue Manager Forecast – a rolling 13+-month forecast with daily updates reflecting the latest pickups, plus trending based on current booking patterns and segment mix.

F&B Outlet Manager’s Forecast – a rolling 13+-month rolling forecast including room revenue and other revenue-driver based forecasting.

Corporate Office and Regional Consolidation – a complete online overview of the properties’ performance forecasts related to occupancy, reservations on the books, revenue, food cost and labor productivity, with drill-down capabilities.

General Manager and Financial Controller – an instant bird’s eye view of current performance and forecasts in the key areas, highlighting problem areas requiring coaching.

Departmental labor Productivity Planning – projection of the labor resource level required for the next days, weeks and months, based on resource driver rolling forecasts.

Executive Chef Food Cost Control – daily control of month-to date food cost—without counting inventory—based on daily automatic food revenue rolling forecast.

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