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Young Ngoc Nguyen – The New “Askeladden” (Ash Lad)

The Norwegian Newspaper Budstikka had a three page article about me last saturday. It is a portrait of me when I came to Norway as a boat refugee and about my will to win as well as d2o's (deadline 2 online as) plans to expand into the U.S. market. Askeladden (Ash Lad) is the main character [...]

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Former boat refugee – now successful Entrepreneur

Young Ngoc Nguyen coaches a considerable number of Norwegian and foreign hotels. Nguyen asks the public funding agencies to listen better to inexperienced entrepreneurs. Former boat refugee Young Ngoc Nguyen has had a huge success since the establishment of the company d2o (Deadline 2 Online) in 2000. Continue reading “Former boat refugee – now successful Entrepreneur” »

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Tech Leader d2o Marks 10-Year Anniversary of Increasing Profitability for Hotel Operators

Sets Sights on Future with decade2 Initiative for Ongoing Client Success ATLANTA – October 5, 2010 – d2o, “deadline 2 online,” providers of the web-based Performance Management Intelligence (PMI) Continue reading “Tech Leader d2o Marks 10-Year Anniversary of Increasing Profitability for Hotel Operators” »

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Boat Refugee Manages the Hotel Industry

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Boat refugee. Young Ngoc Nguyen, now at the age of 40, has gone from malnourished boat refugee to a consultant for 60 percent of the Norwegian hotel industry. Strand Hotel. Hotel Founder Erling Falch Monsen hired Young Ngoc Nguyen as a consultant and followed up by buying the old boat-people’s refugee hotel. Continue reading “Boat Refugee [...]

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