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Revenue Management – a necessary evil, but not sufficient for delivering profitably

The marketplace is becoming more transparent and efficient – transformed into a reversed-auction, where hotels essentially attract guests by offering the lowest price. As an industry practice, Revenue Management has taken away the hotel’s control of profitability. But there is a way to get it back. Revenue Management (originally called Yield Management) arguably got its big [...]

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500% ROI – Or get your money back!

HRRnett (Hotel, Restaurant & Travel life) newspaper had an article about Young N. Nguyen, founder of d2o,  and about the unique Dynamic Performance Management software suite (PMI) that lets hotel and catering companies to run their businesses more cost-effective. The article is in Norweian and can be downloaded bas a PDF below.  HRRnett article (Norwegian) PDF [...]

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PMI Into Hotel Training

– Our dream and vision is that PMI will be a standard, not only at Norwegian hotels, but in the hotel industry in general, “said Nguyen Ngoc Young of d2o. The PMI system has been heavily involved in the Norwegian hotel industry for several years. The company, d2o, has about 60% of the Norwegian market. [...]

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