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HSMAI Names Europe’s Top Hospitality and Travel Companies and Professionals

Photograph:  d2o, Kjell Gangdal, receiving his diploma in Oslo on Thursday 24 May 2012. Photographer: Catharina Wandrup From Kirkenes in the north to Johannesburg in the south, and from Waikiki to the east, to Phuket in the west, Kjell Gangdal provided training for over 2,500 senior managers, department managers and students. He has a strong desire to share his knowledge and [...]

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First European HSMAI Advisory Board meeting – ever

LONDON, UK — Last Thursday saw the first ever meeting in the recently established European Advisory Board. Thanks to our good partners the meeting was held at one of the best hotels in the world, The Ritz London, lasting all day. Continue reading “First European HSMAI Advisory Board meeting – ever” »

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