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Up to speed knowledge transfer with d2o Academy and online PMI Webinars

”As we also offer webinar training on-line, we have an efficient way of getting new team members in the different organisations up to speed quickly to adapt to PMI and also receive knowledge of the operations and state of business much quicker”,  Randi Gule, BRE analyst and PMI trainer.

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Randi Gule is joining the d2o BRE team as an Analyst

Randi Gule is joining the d2o BRE team as an Analyst. She has worked close to two decades in various roles in the hospitality business. d2o is no stranger to her. In fact, Randi has been a big fan of PMI since its introduction at Dr. Holms – one of the important milestones in our collective history. [...]

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PMI - The technology that enables you to tune for better business performance


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