Rolling Forecasts: How to manage future performance, not just predict it

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Two key factors are shaping today’s hotel performance – consumer technology and revenue management methodology. Increased use of technology has changed how consumers buy and hoteliers operate. With the adoption of revenue management, pricing is now established by market intelligence, not a hotel’s margin requirements. To get some control back over profitability, operators should use [...]

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d2o Receives Prestigious Norwegian Consultant Award

March 29, 2012:  d2o Receives Prestigious Norwegian Consultant Award Members of Norway’s consulting industry gathered yesterday at Gamle Logen to honor outstanding industry achievements. The anticipation was high before the announcement of the awards. “This year there were an unbelievable number of strong nominations worthy of winning. The work of the committee has therefore been both [...]

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Dagens Næringsliv – Financial News Article

Asker company d2o stands as the only Akerhus Company on Gazelle list for 6th time this year. Throughout the country (Norway) there are only 22 of gazelles that have been just as long. The company, which is also established in the United States, has grown to sell performance management solutions to the hotel industry. Young Ngoc Nguyen is [...]

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d2o CEO – High Achieving Performance Enhancer of the Year 2011

d2o Founder and CEO, Young Ngoc Nguyen, brought home the HSMAI Prize “High Achieving Performance Enhancer of the Year” at the “HSMAI European Travel Marketer Awards 2011”. Continue reading “d2o CEO – High Achieving Performance Enhancer of the Year 2011” »

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Hotel Marketing Strategies – Technology for Better Guest Experiences

Hotel software d2o helps managers “think like a CFO” to improve profitability, guarantees 500% ROI From time to time, I like to profile technology companies that might help improve your profitability. This week, I looked at Norwegian software company d2o (deadline2online), and talked with CEO/founder Young Nguyen and North America Managing Director Scott Bunce about what [...]

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Young Ngoc Nguyen – The New “Askeladden” (Ash Lad)

The Norwegian Newspaper Budstikka had a three page article about me last saturday. It is a portrait of me when I came to Norway as a boat refugee and about my will to win as well as d2o's (deadline 2 online as) plans to expand into the U.S. market. Askeladden (Ash Lad) is the main character [...]

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