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University to Use PMI for Professional Management Course

on August 20, 2010

Tourism Management students at the University College of Finnmark (HiF) are to learn using PMI, a “super tool” for those who manage a hotel. The education shall be carried out in collaboration with the Rica Hotels group. PMI is a computer tool that keeps track of “everything” relating to hotel operations.

TOOL: Regional Director Knut Sigurd Pettersen Rica and General Manager of the Rica Hotel in Alta, Kari Flesvik are very pleased with PMI. Now they will collaborate with Professor Per Kåre Jakobsen and Director of Department Arild Røkenes to teach students to use the “super tool”. (Photo: Gunnar Sætra)

– In many ways it’s a “super tool,” said General Manager Kari Flesvik at the Rica Hotel in Alta.

Room reservations, budget, accounting, etc.
PMI keeps booking, budget, accounting, staffing, procurement of food and drink and everything else that the hotel manager must keep track to drive as efficiently as possible.

– The tool shows how the staffing is in relation to the occupancy of the hotel, it gives us information about how many people we have and have had compared to budget, previous year and what activities we can expect of booking-pickups, upcoming conferences, etc., “says the Regional Director Knut Sigurd Pettersen at Rica Hotels.

– And based on the information, we can see if there is a need to amend the operating plan, Flesvik adds.

Theory and practice go hand in hand
Therefore the Rica-chain and Finnmark University College now work together to provide tourism management students at HIF training in using the solution. Pettersen and Flesvik are confident that it will be useful for both the hotel industry and the students.

– Most major hotel chains are using this system, and the sooner students get an introduction of it, the better it is, the two say.
The Director of Department Arild Røkenes at the Department of Tourism, Hotel Management and Media Studies is very pleased with the partnership.
– It allows students to combine theory and practice. That way, they will be well prepared to face the reality when they have completed their studies, he says.
Published: 16/08/2010 8:15 by Gunnar Sætra
gesonUniversity to Use PMI for Professional Management Course

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