d2o – founded in Norway and
built on Scandinavia’s legacy of employee well-being and sustainability

We are committed to helping drive success through innovative and responsible practices.

For more than 20 years, d2o has helped clients optimize their resources for maximum profit while operating in high-cost Scandinavian countries with strong traditions for employee well-being and sustainable operations.


To revolutionize the hospitality industry by empowering every hotelier with an online platform to help them make better resource management decisions with ease and confidence. We always question the status quo so tasks can be automated, collaboration made simple, and actionable insights are presented in the most intuitive way possible.

Global presence

Established in the year 2000, our company is headquartered in Norway and has a presence in Sweden, France, Germany, England, USA, South Africa, China, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam. We give daily support to over 10,000 hoteliers associated with more than 600 independent and chain hotels in more than 40 countries.

From deadline-driven practices to online empowerment

As former hoteliers, we’ve experienced the pressure of tight deadlines, the struggle to respond to unexpected events, and the frustration of realizing we missed opportunities for improvement, despite our best efforts.

Now, imagine your hotel is operating at its best, utilizing resources optimally, delivering consistent guest service, and has predictable staff workloads, so you feel in control every day.

This scenario is achievable with the right tools and practices. By using the PMI platform for resource management, hoteliers can plan, track and adjust resources in real time, in

response to daily fluctuating demand. This frees them from the constraints of deadline-driven practices where opportunities for improvement and course-correction are often missed.

Assisting hoteliers in achieveing online empowerment – the ability to collaborate effortlessly and adapt to changing conditions throughout the organization in real time  – and witnessing our clients’ newfound sense of mastery and excellence is truly rewarding.

This is our passion, reflected in our company name, Deadline2Online (d2o).

Young Nguyen

Young N. Nguyen – CEO and founder

A true thought leader, Young has heavily influenced the way hospitality leadership views and manages their operations for over two decades. Daily Live (rolling) forecast, RevPolu as well as resource and productivity excellence are concepts closely associated with Young, particularly in Northern Europe.

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He is deeply passionate about hospitality but is less than enthusiastic about its often tradition-bound, mindless management, which nurtures inertia for change and innovation.

Simplicity, he asserts, can only be achieved by those who understand complexity. Conversely, competitive advantage can be achieved by those who solve complex problems with simplicity. His mission has earned him many awards and made him a popular speaker.

He completed hospitality management studies at Glion. After this, he attended a number of executive courses at Cornell University, the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and Heriot-Watt University.

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Hoang Nguyen – COO

Hoang takes great pride in helping to provide a reliable platform from which clients can work smarter and sustain their performance improvement trajectories in a measurable way. This is why he can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning!

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Prior to joining d2o in 2013, Hoang spent over 17 years as a management consultant with ACN, PwC and IBM. There he led and worked on large-scale IT-enabled transformation and application outsourcing engagements.

He has worked in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the USA. Hoang holds a B.Sc. from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and a specialized master’s degree in management with distinction from HEC Paris.

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Hoang Nguyen
Henrik Gerdin

Henrik Gerdin – VP Strategic initiatives

There are very few, if any, functions that Henrik doesn’t intimately know in hotel and restaurant operations. It is not only because he has spent more than 20 years in hospitality business in multiple countries, but also because he has kept close ties with the industry’s senior leadership.

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Henrik truly is relentlessly curious and keen to learn different ways of thinking and doing things, especially in the domain of forecasting and machine learning. He sees himself as exceptionally privileged to have ample opportunities to interact with some of the brightest minds in the industry. This lets him take part in resolving complex issues and requirements across continents.

He never ceases to marvel at how things can be redesigned to help hoteliers become smarter and more confident in daily management of resources and productivity.

Henrik completed his B.Sc. in Hospitality Management with first-class honors from Oxford Brookes University.

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Laurence Massem – CFO

She blends the power of sound judgment, financial acumen, and hospitality operations experience to deliver timely and accurate financial information. With a commitment to excellence, she takes great pride in ensuring that d2o continues to maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

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From managing hotel openings to overseeing sales & catering operations with world-class brands, Laurence has held many demanding leadership roles.

She studied hotel and operations management and English at L’Institut Supérieur de Gestion Hôtelière, Naerings Akademie, and BI Norwegian Business School.

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Laurence Massem

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