Strategic Partnerships: Endorsements of Excellence

e partner with various hospitality organizations, forums, and leading technology companies in the world to drive innovation and success towards a more sustainable and profitable hospitality industry.

BeCause | Sustainability partner


Introduction: BeCause is the AI-powered hub that makes sustainability management flow simpler, faster and cheaper than ever for travel and tourism companies. Today, BeCause helps more than 22,000 companies with streamlining and automating their sustainability data management processes

Partnership statement: PMI GoGreen and BeCause are partnering to deliver a comprehensive CSRD solution tailored for the hospitality industry, offering seamless compliance and enhanced sustainability practices. This partnership addresses the urgent need for hotel chains to comply with CSRD requirements while transforming compliance efforts into opportunities for profit generation and sustainability leadership.

World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Introduction: The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance drives collaborative action to enable hospitality to accelerate the path to Net Positive Hospitality. Their members represent over 50,000 hotels spanning 270 brands.

Partnership statement: To advance progress to the Net Positive, d2o partners with the Alliance to develop the Net Positive Hospitality Simulation along with PMIGoGreen tool to adopt sustainability practice, collecting data, track progress, and providing actionable guidance to drive meaningful #environmental reduction while reducing operating costs.

World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance | Sustainability partner
Energy Environment Alliance | Sustainability partner

Energy & Environment Alliance

Introduction:With members owning approx. 24,000 hotels internationally, EEA is a global coalition dedicated to promoting sustainable energy practices and environmental stewardship to combat climate change and foster a sustainable future.

Partnership statement:To achieve faster carbon reduction rates in the hospitality industry, d2o and EEA liaise together to help members share knowledge and implement new technologies such as PMI GoGreen to achieve effective sustainability management, drive energy productivity levels in a highly cost-effective manner.


Introduction: HSMAI – Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International – is a global organization founded in the US in 1927. HSMAI Region Europe is the European arm of the organization.

Partnership statement: d2o partners with HSMAI to share informational, educational and inspiring case studies and industry insights, and array of resource to enhance the strategic acumen of hospitality professionals, empowering leaders with skills and knowledge that drives profitability and industry management excellence.

HSMAI | Sustainability partner
SBTA | Sustainability partner

Swedish Business Travel Association

Introduction: The Swedish Business Travel Association, SBTA, is an independent network that brings together travel managers, buyers and suppliers in the business travel, and meeting & event industry for networking, dialog and knowledge exchange.

Partnership statement: To accelerate carbon reduction in the hospitality sector in Sweden, d2o and EEA work together to facilitate knowledge sharing and the adoption of innovative technologies like PMI GoGreen. This collaboration aims to enhance sustainability management and boost energy efficiency cost-effectively.

Microsoft Gold Partnership

Introduction: As a Microsoft Gold Partner, d2o is recognized for leading the way in digital and app innovation, setting the standard for excellence in technological advancements and solutions. This partnership positions us among the elite, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to leveraging cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to empower businesses in their digital transformation journey. Our access to the latest tools, resources, and Microsoft’s direct support enables us to deliver superior solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Partnership statement: At d2o, we are proud to be a Gold Partner with Microsoft since 2010, showcasing our sustained excellence in digital innovation. Our engineers, including DevOps Engineers and AI Experts, are annually certified by Microsoft, underscoring our commitment to the highest data security, quality of service, and expertise. In our quest to redefine the landscape of digital innovation, this partnership enables us to harness advanced technologies for developing transformative solutions. Through collaborative efforts, such as the development of custom apps and digital strategies, we empower our clients with the tools necessary for success in the digital era. Our enduring partnership with Microsoft ensures that we are equipped to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ strategic objectives.

Microsoft | Sustainability partner