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…tool that enables you to easily manage important resources to deliver guest satisfaction while minimizing waste, improving environmental footprint and profit!

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PMI – Performance Management Intelligence

Revenue & Productivity

Increase your forecast accuracy and labor productivity today!

Profit & Loss

Fine-tune your P&L reporting for optimized performance!


PMI GoGreen

Manage financial and environmental impacts with PMI GoGreen!

Benefits Realization

Increase your performance management excellence!

PMI   Modules and services

PMI performance management intelligence suite

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Imagine having a crystal ball to reveal next week’s occupancy, restaurant bookings
and ancillary sales. You’d take advantage of that and prepare, right? Impossible, you say?

PMI lets you do just that. Its live forecasts help department heads quickly respond
to changes in demand. They can also measure productivity, optimize their
operation and keep fellow decision makers in the loop. At d2o, we believe in
the power of communication. That’s why PMI makes it easy to interact and
collaborate across departments and management levels.

Young Ngoc Nguyen CEO and Founder

Young Nguyen
CEO and Founder

Eric Cevey
Global BRE Manager

Hoang Nguyen

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See how PMI works!