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Performance Management Intelligence (PMI), the leading Business Intelligence Software, is d2o’s answer to today’s fast-paced, complex and competitive hospitality industry. With this tool, you can go from deadline-driven operations to online communication and collaboration.

In short: PMI is the productivity management software which can help you cut costs and boost profits all while maintaining the high-quality guest service your establishment is known for.

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PMI – One Platform – Four Modules – Endless Benefits

PMI (Productivity Management Intelligence) automates your P&L budgeting and forecasting process. Promote internal communication by making information easily available.

Revenue & Productivity

We Do the Forecast, So You Don’t Have To

This module lets you automate budgeting and forecasting. It reliably predicts demand with precise, real-time forecasts which enables department heads to boost productivity by optimally scheduling staff. Reporting procedures are streamlined by switching from manual spreadsheets to PMI.
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Reliably predict demand with precise, real-time forecasts. Enable your departments' management to boost productivity by optimally scheduling staff.

Profit & Loss Module

Collaborative Cloud-Based Communication

This module automates your P&L budgeting and forecasting process. Promote internal communication by making information easy to share. Include all levels and departments in the decision-making process. Make important business decisions and optimize profitability based on real-time data.
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Reliably predict demand with precise, real-time forecasts. Enable department heads to boost productivity by optimally scheduling staff.

Benefits Realisation

Benefits Realisation Enablement

Learn how to make the most of PMI from our BRE team. Apart from helping you get started, they also train new team members to benefit from this powerful tool. Furthermore, they offer custom support to ensure you keep reaping the benefits of PMI over time and maintain your progress.
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Watch and learn

Get a sneak-peek of PMI in action!

Imagine having a crystal ball to reveal next week’s occupancy, restaurant bookings and ancillary sales. You’d take advantage of that and prepare, right? Impossible, you say?

PMI lets you do just that. Its live forecasts help department heads quickly respond to changes in demand. They can also measure productivity, optimize their operation and keep fellow decision makers in the loop. At d2o, we believe in the power of communication. That’s why PMI makes it easy to interact and collaborate across departments and management levels.

Want to see how it works? Watch our 90-second animation now!

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Young Nguyen | CEO and Founder

Young Nguyen

CEO and Founder

Liselott Piper | Global BRE Manager

Eric Cevey

Global BRE Manager

Henrik Gerdin | VP Innovation

Hoang Nguyen


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PMI – The Solution for Every Department at Every Level

Picture a tool that could tell you exactly what levels of demand to expect tomorrow, next week or month. You’d study every little detail and prepare all departments for both busy and quiet days, right?

That’s exactly what PMI can help you do. Our live forecasts let team members communicate effectively across various levels. This allows them to dynamically schedule staff and allocate resources according to current need.

Try this new approach to productivity management and you will marvel at the new levels of profitability your business will reach!

See How it Works!
PMI by d2o is changing your view on productivity!

General Manager

General Manager

Get an overview of the strengths and weaknesses in your business. Use this knowledge to coach department heads, empower them to take ownership of company goals and move their teams towards achieving them.

PMI by d2o is changing your view on productivity!

Executive Chef

Executive Chef

PMI allows you to stay ahead of the game. Use the tool’s accurate, real-time forecasts to order the right amount of products, limit waste and finally make managing food cost easy, hassle-free and efficient.

PMI by d2o is changing your view on productivity!

Housekeeping Manager

Housekeeping Manager

Use PMI’s easily accessible, live occupancy forecasts to dynamically schedule your team, reduce labor costs, manage inventory and ensure high-quality guest service.
From the first days your department will run smoother than ever!

PMI by d2o is changing your view on productivity!

Financial Controller

Financial Controller

It’s time to ditch labor-intensive, error-prone manual spreadsheets. Instead, use the PMI Suite to track expenses, analyze cash flow and consolidate financial statements. This gives you valuable time and energy to make key decisions and address weaknesses in the system.

Customer Success

Case Study

See how PMI can Increase your Productivity and Bottom Line?

Boosting productivity and offering an excellent guest experience in a highly competitive market – does that sound like a dream?
If so, have a look at our tool’s real-world results.
Find out how PMI, our forecast-driven productivity management software, helped Pandox Hotels move their center of gravity and achieve astounding results.

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Why Partner With Us


 of Europe’s top hospitality companies rely on PMI’s productivity management and forecasting capabilities.


of the world’s biggest brands rely on PMI for business intelligence insights and P&L planning.

d2o – Your Productivity Management Partne At any moment I can see exactly where
our business is and where it is heading.

The Operational Heads have their
financial targets that are more relevant
and available than ever before, in a
business environment where month-end
deadlines are not good enough.

Food cost has dropped more than
$ 308,000 after 12 months of the
PMI implementation.
Ernst Høva, Owner | Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel PMI by d2o is changing your view on productivity!

How Can We Help?

Hands-on exploration!

Hands-on exploration!

Explore first-hand what PMI can do for your business.
Contact us now to book a webcast demo of the PMI Suite. Alternatively, get your own login so you can play around and familiarize yourself with the tool.


Talk to our experts!

Talk to our experts!

Our Benefits Realization Enablement (BRE) team is there to answer your questions. They ensure you make the most of PMI’ powerful solutions.
Reach out today and we’ll create a custom approach with you.

Contact BRE

Face to face!

Face to face!

Ready to embark on a journey to soaring productivity and profitability levels with PMI? A d2o representative will meet with you in person to help set you up, train you and your team and make sure you’re off on the right track.


Need more proof?

Need more proof?

Does that all sound way too good to be true? We don’t expect you to take our word for it.
That’s why we’ve put together a case study about our client Pandox Hotels and the amazing results they’ve gotten from PMI.

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