PMI – Your guide to optimal resource and productivity management

PMI enables hoteliers to drastically reduce operating costs in the face of daily fluctuating demand. Hospitality clients worldwide trust PMI to help them manage their resources optimally, increase productivity and deliver consistent guest service.

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PMI helps you to…

Set the right targets

Using past performance and compared with peers, PMI helps you set ambitious, yet achievable, productivity targets in all operating departments, including labor, food cost, energy, water, etc.

Taking into account the main characteristics of each individual property within a portfolio, PMI helps distribute a group’s long-term environmental goals into monthly targets that are actionable and trackable, fostering engagement and ownership by the hotel teams.

PMI helps compile a coherent hotel P&L within minutes, limiting manual effort to reviewing and making small adjustments as needed.


Labor productivity targets

Set the right monthly labor productivity targets per property.


Environmental monthly targets

Break down a group’s environmental goals into monthly targets per property.


Hotel Profit & Loss targets

Compile a coherent and reliable property profit & loss in minutes.

Set the right targets
PMI - Planning labor

Achieve your targets

You are provided with a daily, realistic forecast which empowers you to act on leading indicators.

PMI enables you and your team to provide the right service in the right place, at the right time, in the face of daily fluctuating guest demand.

GM Daily digest dashboard
PMI Index score
PMI Index score

Stay effortlessly on top of progress

With a quick glance, you can see how every department, and the property as a whole, is pacing to reach targets. Identify areas for improvement and guide your team to take the right actions to get back on track.

Be motivated to continually learn and improve

PMI is more than a conventional performance management tool. It is a platform promoting on-the-job learning, providing best practices guidance to help each user zero in on which skills need enhancing, so they can continually improve.

PMI Energy GoGreen Index activities
PMI Actionable insights

The platform that hoteliers need in order to manage resources with ease and confidence!

PMI makes it easy to improve your resource management in different cost and profit centers at your properties. There are a total of four main modules, each serving a specific purpose. The Resource and productivity management module is further broken down into individual cockpits to support management of labor, food, energy, water and more.

PMI by d2o
Performance benchmarking
P&L operational planning
Collaborative Live forecast
Resource management


Compare your performance with peers in your industry to learn, set targets and drive continuous improvement. The KPIs ideas bank promotes best practices and provides insights on better ways to do things.

Profit & loss planning

Automatically compile a coherent P&L with KPIs as a reliable starting point, allowing busy hoteliers to complete the exercise in minutes.

Collaborative Live forecast

The daily forecasting module is your window into the future! The unbiased and realistic Live forecast, generated by machine learning, enables you to confidently plan ahead. Despite ever-changing activity levels, you can reliably align your staff and other resources to meet the demand.




Resource management


Labor Cockpit

Allows hoteliers to plan the optimal staffing level for the days and weeks ahead, to avoid both over and understaffing. Boost productivity while delivering consistent guest satisfaction!

Food cost management

Busy chefs are able to stay on top of food cost through data-driven purchasing, rather than guesswork.

Cut down on food waste, improve stock turnover, and delight your guests.

GoGreen cockpit

PMI GoGreen enables you achieve your groups’ long-term environmental goals by breaking them down into engaging and trackable monthly targets. Optimal daily resourcing cuts down on wastage, which is good for both our planet and your pocket!

PMI+ streamlines financial planning, consolidation, and reporting for head office

While PMI helps GMs and their teams optimize P&Ls for individual hotels, PMI+ helps the head office stay in control of the entire portfolio by streamlining financial reporting, including group consolidation and scenario planning.

What do our clients think about PMI?

We think PMI is amazing, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our clients are saying about how PMI improved their business!

PMI is a fantastic tool we use every day to oversee and forecast all aspects of our operation. It gives us valuable insight and reminders on how every department is linked together in everything we do.

The talented staff at d2o are always available should we need extra support or training on how to best take use of this great tool.

By actively using PMI every day we become stronger and closer, as a high performing team – while continuously creating the best possible guest experiences, and securing a sound operation of our business.

Jan Hugo Jakobsen

General Manager, Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel

PMI is not only a day to day operations system for me, but it involves every department head who works with it.

There is a greater understanding in financial goals and how to reach them.

Greater precision in forecasting which makes it much easier to reach set out goals and deliver on results.

Claes Aneryd

General Manager , The Winery

It has revolutionized the way I work and allows me to more efficiently react to changes to my property’s environment.

Additionally, the easy access to historic data has also improved my ability to track progression of our product, which again helps me to further optimize our operation.

Thor F. Halvorsen

Captain, Moxy Munich Messe

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