Realize the benefits

PMI makes it much easier for hoteliers to manage resources optimally in the face of daily fluctuating demand. However, a world-class software alone does not deliver success; people do. At d2o, we believe that successful benefits realization is more than just completing projects within scope, on time and budget.

That’s why we’ve developed our Benefits Realization Enablement (BRE) approach, which goes beyond traditional project management and user training to help you achieve sustained benefits from PMI.

When you first start out, our BRE team is there to ensure you learn the ins and outs of PMI and quickly make the most of its productivity management capabilities. As you grow more familiar with the new system, the team will always remain at your disposal to answer your questions and ensure you maintain your progress in the long run.

Focus on the GM for benefits realization

We believe that it is the work of a leader to lead change, and that is why we take a GM-first approach. Real and viable change starts at the top, and a GM plays a critical role in modelling the way, challenging existing practices, and encouraging teams to learn and adopt new ones.

We are dedicated to your success

Through one-on-one sparring partner sessions, the BRE team helps the GM become familiar with key terms, principles, metrics and use of PMI, so they can effectively help their teams adopt resource and productivity management best practices. A sparring partner will be assigned to a GM from our talented team of consultants to create continuity and a personalized sparring relationship.

What success looks like

Success is when the GM realizes the benefits by enabling and encouraging the team to adopt best practices, so they can consistently provide the right service in the right place, at the right time, in the face of daily fluctuating guest demand.

PMI - What success looks like

Staffing not aligned with the daily activity level.

PMI - What success looks like

Productivity management methods applied to

align staffing with the activity level.

Pandox Case study graph

Improved productivity rate results in an increase in revenue and reduced labor cost.

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