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Profit Through Sustainability: How Hotels can drive Profits with Environmental Goals

Discover the key to sustainability in the hospitality industry with our upcoming webinar, “Profit Through Sustainability: How Hotels can drive Profits with Environmental Goals,” co-hosted by the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA) and PMI GoGreen (EMS) by d2o. Scheduled for Tuesday, 2 July at 2 PM BST. This session promises to deliver expert insights into essential environmental resource management as part of Hotel ESG strategies and how this will drive your business forward.

Key topics

Automated Auditable Data Gathering: Understand how to harness accurate data for strategic decisions in hospitality management.

AI-powered Hotel activity predictions Explore how predictive tools can forecast and enhance your operational and environmental efficiency.

Resource Performance Optimization: Gain insights into optimizing the use of energy, water, and waste management to boost profitability while reducing environmental impact.

Beyond Sustainability Compliance: Proactive Resource optimization through leading indicators not only aids in compliance but also enhances profitability.


Our panel features industry experts who are at the forefront of sustainability and operational efficiency in hospitality. Each speaker brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in sustainability and resource management within the hospitality industry:

Young N. Nguyen, d2o Founder & CEO

Young N. Nguyen

Founder & CEO, d2o

Ufi Ibrahim, CEO at EEA

Ufi Ibrahim


Special guest

Special guest

from a renowned
hospitality company

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d2o GoGreen- Sustainability solution
d2o GoGreen- Sustainability solution

Why attend?

Seamlessly Integrate and Optimize Your Hotel Tech Stack: Gain insights into the latest tools and platforms that can streamline your operations and enhance your environmental initiatives.

Future-Proof Your Business: Implement strategies that reduce environmental impact, align with your sustainability goals, and ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Real-World Success Stories: Be inspired by case studies of hotels that have successfully balanced sustainability with profitability, providing actionable insights you can apply to your own operations.

Networking Opportunities: Engage with experts and peers who are also looking to expand their sustainable practices.

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