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Welcome aboard to the PMI family! There are a few steps needed to be done to get PMI running in your property or chain. We need to do the basic  setup  for departments etc. as well as getting your data flowing. When that is completed you are set to make productivty changes on demand and find the profit hiding in your property!

Step 1

The implementation of PMI starts. Get GM (and key stake holders) fully on-board.​

Step 2

Complete the forms for the property and add users. Validate source system integration data.

Step 3

Introduction and user training. The aim is to get the team started on routines and up on index +8, within 30 days. 

Articles to digest!

When implementing PMI at your property there are several tasks that needs to be done. In this article we describe the process for these different steps to prepare the hotel.

This article describes the setup process and source system integration gathering historic data and what is needed to get the daily feed of data going forward.

Forms to complete!

This form is mandatory and a first step for the PMI setup to begin for your property. Please complete, and submit, this form as soon as possible.

Please add all department managers as well as assisting department managers in this form. Please complete, and submit, this form as soon as possible.

Articles about source system integration

Our proven system integration service establishes interoperability and seamless integration between PMI and various systems: property management, point-of-sales, table reservations, sales & catering, timekeeping, and more.

Check out the knowledge base articles relevant for your property.