Easily stay on top of daily revenues despite daily fluctuating demand

Powered by machine learning, PMI forecasts offer predictability in the face of daily fluctuating guest demand and revenues for all profit centers. With a quick glance, you can see how your revenue and demand unfolds, and know which actions to take. See how it works!

Actionable data for better resource planning

Get the insights you need to plan your resources more efficiently. PMI enables you to see the activity level as it develops, and act accordingly.

Each operational department receives insights on how many resources are needed each day, based on the latest prediction, to eliminate over or under-resourced days.

Intuitive and simple onboarding

The collaborative Live forecast is built and tailored for on-the-go hoteliers who are focused on guest service.

No previous experience or technical knowledge is required in order to be able to benefit from PMI as it guides you to know which actions to take.

Onboarding actions
Onboarding key insights

Foresee future demand

Foresee the future demand with the lowest margin of error.

Easier forecasting

Easier forecasting powered by machine learning.

Set realistic forecast

PMI generates an unbiased and realistic prediction to serve as a baseline for planning resources for the next 12 months.

Track performance

Track how you are pacing against your targets and take corrective actions in time.

Unlock your full potential!

Power your team with PMI.

Manage your productivity in new and insightful ways!