Take guessing and hard work out of food purchase planning

PMI’s food cost management module helps busy chefs easily stay on top of how they’re pacing to reach their food cost targets.

By making sure that major food purchases are always guided by, and in harmony with, expected daily revenue for coming days, you can maintain a healthy stock turnover rate without being overwhelmed by stock counting and detailed tracking.


Enable kitchens across your properties to readily view daily food revenue forecasts.


Motivate your key staff by sparing them many hours of repetitive spreadsheet work.


Adjust spending to meet optimal stock turnover rate.

New chefs can hit the kitchen running!

Even inexperienced chefs are able to focus on the right metrics to manage food costs with confidence, in the face of high stress levels and fluctuating demand.

Match food purchases with upcoming revenue

Make sure that any major food purchases are in alignment with expected revenue for coming days to facilitate optimal stock turnover rate without being overwhelmed by detailed tracking.


Compare your business performance with peers.


Identify business trends in the industry.


Find opportunities and improvements for your business.

Unlock your full potential!

Power your team with PMI.

Manage your productivity in new and insightful ways!