Empower your managers to staff well

No more under or overstaffed days in the face of daily fluctuating demand.

Powered by machine learning, the PMI labor cockpit helps hoteliers plan the optimal staffing level for the days and weeks ahead. This helps you to deliver consistent service quality, achieve higher productivity, and avoid overstretched staff.

Confidently make productive staffing decisions

PMI’s reliable staffing guide, powered by machine learning which considers an array of factors, proposes optimal productivity targets and staffing levels for the days, weeks, and months ahead. Frontline managers can schedule staff with confidence.

Cultivates continuous learning and improvement

The PMI platform is designed to quickly onboard users and nurture them on the job to become dependable resource managers. With productivity best practices index, a relevant in-app guide, users are motivated to keep growing their skills to excel at staffing.

The intuitive user experience throughout enables even hoteliers with no experience to easily master the software.

Fosters teamwork and target-focused productivity

PMI offers your team autonomy and guides self-learning, so they can own their targets and draw satisfaction from their own accomplishments.

Toss the tedious spreadsheets and get onboard a platform that enables and motivates your people to work together towards your goals.


Daily staffing guide

Schedule the right number of hours for each department in line with anticipated activity level.

Labor cockpit

Optimize staffing and schedule according to productivity targets.

GM daily digest

Get a daily briefing on how your property is pacing to reach month-end targets.

Productivity practice adoption index

Help improve your team’s skills and adopt best practices on productivity and resource management.

Best practice sharing and idea bank

Contribute to, and draw from, the wealth of an extensive best practices and idea bank!

Unlock your full potential!

Power your team with PMI.

Manage your productivity in new and insightful ways!