Compare your performance to drive continuous improvement

With a rich KPI bank covering all areas of your business from top to bottom line — from financial to operational to environmental — PMI helps you know where you stand.

Compare your results to high performers within or outside your group so you can take satisfaction in your teams’ performance, help identify improvement areas, and set good targets for underperformers. Get started today!

GOP benchmarking KPIs
GOP benchmarking KPIs

Measure your properties internally and against peers

PMI enables benchmarking operations to measure KPIs against your own past performance and that of your competitors—within the group or external, by type of hotel or restaurant within a geographical area, or by department or targets. Easily understand how a hotel or portfolio stacks up according to best, average and worst performances by hotel class and geographical area.

Empower your managers and exceed your goals

Have you run out of ideas on how to do things better? PMI provides in-app best-practice adoption guidelines to promote continuous learning and improvement. Draw on the collective wisdom and let your team help find innovative new ways to do their jobs better.

Give your managers the keys to succeed, so they become self-motivated to get better and better every day.


Compare your business performance with peers.


Identify business trends in the industry.


Find opportunities and improvements for your business.

Unlock your full potential!

Power your team with PMI.

Manage your productivity in new and insightful ways!