Let PMI do the heavy lifting

PMI Express planner relieves you and your busy frontline managers from many hours of tedious effort, lengthy lead time and gamesmanship by compiling a reliable and coherent property P&L in minutes. This limits the manual effort required to reviewing and minor edits.

Easily set budgets and forecast targets

PMI’s driver-based model uses property-specific ratios and connects volumes to monetary value, so that changes in major factors, such as labor productivity and resource utilization, are reflected in operational costs and bottom line. Generate swift and coherent P&L forecasts, re-forecast, plan, and re-plan until you get the target KPIs you need.

Daily Live forecast guides you through uncertainty

The market is rapidly changing! If you see little point in continuing with the labor-intensive annual budget ritual, and are tempted to do away with it, PMI has a welcome alternative!

You will be guided by a Live Revenue and cost planning and KPI targets, set relative to your past performance and market benchmarking. PMI also offers an extensive set of hospitality KPIs and benchmarks!

Daily flash P&L helps keep the bottom line on top

PMI provides daily flash P&L and rolling forecasts to help you monitor how your most significant P&L resources evolve, such as revenue, labor, food, energy, etc., right down to the bottom line.

You and your teams can effortlessly stay informed of how you’re pacing to reach month-end targets and adjust to make the best out of emerging opportunities and threats, rather than being surprised at period-end.

Designed specifically for busy hoteliers

PMI was designed for hoteliers, so we truly understand how your operations work, and that you are busy with the daily struggle to provide consistent service in the face of skilled labor shortage. PMI is highly automated and intuitive, and users are quickly able to understand, own and act proactively to achieve targets.

We know there is constant need for onboarding and upskilling. PMI is more than a conventional performance management tool. It is a platform promoting on-the-job learning, providing best practices guidance to help each user learn and improve to gain mastery.


Express planner enables a coherent and reliable P&L to be compiled in minutes.


Provides a view of long-term demand so you can plan the right combination of fixed and casual staffing.


KPI-driven planning

Unlock your full potential!

Power your team with PMI.

Manage your productivity in new and insightful ways!