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Many others in the hospitality industry have been where you are right now: wanting to improve your productivity and boost your bottom-line. In the testimonials below, our clients review their personal experience with PMI, and outline some of the tangible benefits and improvements they have achieved.

It’s a magnificent group of unique and talented colleagues, who every day take use of all their expertise, knowledge and motivation to tackle any challenge that might arise, with great effort and strong engagement. 

By strengthening our common understanding on how to best take use of this marvelous tool, we will be stronger and closer, as a high performing team – while creating the best possible guest experiences, and securing a sound operation of our business. 

Jan Hugo Jakobsen

General Manager, Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel

PMI is not only a day to day operations system for me, but it involves every department head who works with it.

There is a greater understanding in financial goals and how to reach them.

Greater precision in forecasting which makes it much easier to reach set out goals and deliver on results.

Claes Anerud

General Manager , The Winery

It has revolutionized the way I work and allows me to more efficiently react to changes to my property’s environment.

Additionally, the easy access to historic data has also improved my ability to track progression of our product, which again helps me to further optimize our operation.

Thor F. Halvorsen

Captain, Moxy Munich Messe

The d2o’s consultants were very knowledgeable and professional in their approach. They made a valuable contribution to our project.

Terje Hansen

General Manager, Rica Maritim Hotel and Rica Saga Hotel

PMI proved its strength and the solution has given us great business benefits.

Jan-Ove Edvardsen

General Manager, Scandic KNA

PMI provides an easy-to-understand view of operating revenue and costs in real time. This information enables us to perform real revenue and cost management.

Lars Inge Tordal

City Controller, Radisson Blu Hotels, Bergen

PMI proved its strength and the solution has been great business benefits in a short interval of time.

Gunnar Adolfsson

City Controller, Radisson Blu Hotels, Gothenburg

We have reduced the labor costs by $ 120,000 since we installed PMI (3 months) and the activities have increased compared to same period last year.

Frode Hofstad

General Manager, Britannia Hotel

d2o is a great partner for us, combining business consulting expertise based on their know-how about our business and innovative solutions.

Ole-Jacob Wold

CEO, Rica Hotels

We chose PMI because of the excellent financial results they produce and also because of the commitment displayed by their well qualified consultants during training, implementation and support.

It was the people behind the solution that made PMI stand out.

Anders Lindvall

Director of Operations, Thon Hotels

PMI gives us full visibility into the revenue & cost management of individual departments and a better understanding of our performance process through daily reviews of ongoing opportunities.

It is very important for us to know the revenue forecast as well as labour productivity daily in order to take proper measures quickly and proactively, and prevent negative deviations.

Pål Reinertsen

Financial Director, Thon Hotels

At my colleague’s hotel, I became interested in those red, yellow and green “lamps” on his PC, next to the organisation chart. When he explained that the symbols indicated the actual departmental performance – red = below target and green = on or above target as well as the fact that it warns when a department is not up to date. I understood right away that this tool will be very useful for us.

Additional to the efficiency management tool, it provides a great revenue and activity forecasting instrument. The financial benefits make the payback time on investment very short. We will not be without PMI.

Arve Giske

General Manager, Holmen Fjordhotell

At any moment I can see exactly where our business is and where is heading.

The Operational Heads have their financial targets that are more relevant and available than ever before, in a business environment where month-end deadlines are not good enough.

Food cost has dropped more than $ 308,000 after 12 months of the PMI implementation.

Ernst Høva

Owner, Radisson Blu Lillehammer Hotel

Our hard work has been well received by both business and leisure travelers, as well as groups and corporate event planners.

d2o’s collaborative approach to performance management will help us optimize resources throughout our expanded enterprise by streamlining processes across distributed departments, sharing forecast data in real time and responding to demand changes proactively.

Barb Bowden

Corporate Director of Revenue Manager, The Peabody Orlando

We are not aware of any other system that offers such a complete package in the areas of labor management, food cost control, revenue reporting, Profit and  Loss forecasting and budgeting. The PMI Planning Module provides immediate updates of rolling forecasts and budgets.

Another advantage of PMI is its flexible architecture. PMI is a great fit for Benchmark Hospitality International because our portfolio is so diverse and the software is able to meet the unique needs of each property type.

Dennis Blyshak

CFO, Benchmark Hospitality International

The d2o’s consultants were very knowledgeable and professional in their approach. They made a valuable contribution to our project.

Helge Krogsbøl

VPO, First Hotels

PMI gives a great balance between controlling and managing our hotels.

Implementing the PMI solution has been one of our most valuable business decisions. The productivity has increased significantly and we have increased our GOP more than NOK 700.000 on average per hotel yearly since the implementation of PMI.

Morten Thorvaldsen

CEO, Thon Hotels

Great! Finally, we have received an important tool that makes it possible to manage the labor costs as well as operating activities from day one in an easy way.

Haldis Hummelsund

Executive Housekeeper, Radisson Blu Hotel Norge

PMI is a dynamic tool for successfully measuring and managing performance and linking long-term objectives with short-term actions.

Yearly incremental financial benefits as a result of PMI: $ 5,400,000 for 50 properties. Rica Hotels paid down the PMI investment for the first 16 properties with the labour cost saving in Housekeeping at Rica Oslo Hotel the first 12 months.

Jørund Lie

Vice President of Operations , Rica Hotels

It’s amazing. We have been looking for a system like this for years.
We have saved a great amount of money since the installation of PMI.

Arne Olav Haugen

General Manager, Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport

d2o understands what it takes to ensure their customers’ successful results. Their approach is a unique combination of highly skilled business consultants, proven methodologies, quality assurance discipline, knowledge transfer, and an emphasis on rapid results.

We have an average yearly gain estimated to EUR 350 000 on the bottom line as a direct result of using PMI daily.

Rasmus Sandnes

General Manager, Dr. Holms Hotel

The PMI solution and methodology enable our managers at all levels to improve their financial contributions through daily focus on revenue and cost management.

Ida R. Fredriksen

Controller, Olav Thon Group

Managing business performance through the PMI solution clearly places our properties ahead of the competition when it comes to forecasting the revenue and managing the productivity. The return on investment exceeds d2o’s ROI guarantee.

Marianne Wang Polden

Director of Operations, Thon Hotels

PMI is a very important tool in helping us make accurate revenue forecasts at various levels – from department to group. PMI helps us make our business strategy a reality.

Jorunn Svidal

Director of Revenue Management, Thon Hotels

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