Take care of the planet and watch your business profit improve!

Empower your hotel managers to act on sustainability commitments beyond compliance reporting. PMI GoGreen enables monthly targets for reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption, water usage, and food waste.

Easily track your progress by importing resource consumption data. Predictive analytics guide resourcing, reducing wastage and operating costs. Empower your teams for daily reductions. Stay effortlessly informed of group progress towards long-term goals!

While there are several established software solutions available on the market, including ESG tools, PMI GoGreen stands out as being uniquely positioned to assist Strawberry.

“This is primarily attributed to d2o’s expertise in resource and productivity management, along with the capabilities of GoGreen and the integrated nature of the PMI platform.”

Harald Bjugstad-Holm

Director of Sustainability, Strawberry

A more comprehensive sustainability solution to reduce cost and environmental impact

Make and meet your goal!

Goal distribution breaks down long-term group goals into property-specific, monthly targets.

Make changes on demand!

Resource cockpits help drive daily or weekly actions and inform you how you’re pacing to reach your targets.

Adapt and improve

GoGreen best practice adoption index guides users and informs them what tasks and skills they need to learn and improve on in order to reach a higher performance level.

Evaluate and learn

The Evaluate & learn feature helps you visualize consumption and composition patterns to highlight where you can improve.

Share the wealth

GoGreen best practice idea bank promotes knowledge-sharing within the chain.

Support from experts

PMI consultants help hotels develop and implement strategies and initiatives to achieve responsible resource management.

Built for sustainable hospitality

You have multi-year environmental goals, a diverse hotel portfolio that keeps changing, and aging buildings. Not sure how you’re pacing to reach your commitments?

PMI helps hotel groups break down the long-term goals into monthly targets by property, creates clear indicators to measure progress, and provides daily insights that your teams can act on!

Removes the complexity and gives you peace of mind

With the click of a button, our algorithm automatically distributes, and redistributes, your group’s long-term environmental goals into property-specific monthly targets per resource, considering the type of hotel, past performance, and peers with similar characteristics.

It saves you and your managers from hours of tedious and error-prone spreadsheet work and helps you make measurable progress.

Inspire and motivate your team to achieve

Watch your teams become enthusiastic, take ownership to make a difference and lead the way to adopting conservation best practices.

Gauge the progress in wastage reduction and bottom line improvement without hours of tedious work.

GoGreen cockpit

Empowers your managers to improve daily

The GoGreen adoption guide helps new users to easily master the software and empowers them to continually improve their sustainability practices.

Each property is encouraged to share their best practices and draw from the wealth in the GoGreen ideas bank.

Considering that we have all the information available internally, we want to be one hundred percent transparent with our guests regarding our results and how we work on improving. This way, guests can make informed sustainable choices and also demand more, driving us to continuously better our sustainability efforts.

Harald Bjugstad-Holmere

Director of Sustainability, Strawberry

Key features that make PMI GoGreen stand out

in the market place


While the onboarding process is quick and easy, users will continue to receive learning tips so they can continuously enhance their sustainability management skills.


PMI empowers hoteliers with consumption forecasts powered by machine learning to help them plan ahead and optimize resource usage amidst daily fluctuating demand.


PMI cultivates ownership, thanks to a gamified GoGreen index which guides sustainable choices using leading indicators.


The constantly evolving portfolio makes setting targets challenging. PMI dynamically distributes, and redistributes, group goals into monthly targets for individual hotels, considering several factors.


Seamless integration with external systems allows department heads to daily monitor progress towards goals.


The PMI global bank offers benchmarks and best practices for continuous improvement and certification (e.g., ISO 14001).

Key actions that empower you and your teams to achieve your goals

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Become a sustainability leader

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