Report 1: Reservation Statistics 1 (res_statistics1)


  1. Go to Miscellaneous and choose Reports
  2. Enter reservation in the Report field and click on Search.
  3. Choose the report Reservations Statistics 1 (REP name should be res_statistics1)
  4. Click on Print to file
  5. The file format should be DELIMITED DATA (not just delimited, but check that it says delimited data)
  6. Click on OK


  1. Click on Save
  2. Choose disc, say: Q:\ (NB: disc and folder may be different – check property specific instructions)
  3. Enter the file name restat.txt
  4. Click on Save

Historic reservation data

Since there is a need for a 12-month worth of historic reservation data, this report is also often used for this purpose. An example: if PMI is to go live (i.e. be ready for business use) on Jun. 1st 2012, the historical revenue data load needs to consist of values pertaining to Jun. 1st 2011 (“From” – ref. step 7 above) up until and including May 31st 2012 (“To” – ref. step 7 above).

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