Manual Export PMS Opera

To enable a smooth setup of PMI and import of history from Opera we ask you to pull the following files and send them over to d2o:

  • Report 1: Res_statistic 1 – this file can be run once (1 time) and should have the date range of 1st of January last year to yesterday.

  • Report 3: Trial Balance – this file needs to be pulled per day for historic days, i.e. we need 365 files per year. We need the files from 1st of January last year up to yesterday. Make sure to name the reports “trial_balance0101xx.txt – i.e the date in the name of the file, so we can separate them (xx = year). Please pull one test file and send to and we will check the format and say ok before you start pulling all of these files. 

Please save all files to your computer and then send them to Please make sure that the files are in the correct format, so you do not have to do the task twice. The Correct file format is “.txt”. Do not export “PDF”, as we cannot import PDF files.

To make it a bit easier you should send Trial Balance for a full month in one mail. Meaning you should send 12 mails for 2018.
Please mark your mail with your property name and make sure you have your contact details in the mail signature.

Scroll down on this page to find out in detail how to pull these reports!

Select the report you are going to export

Report 1:

Reservation Statistics 1 (res_statistics1)

Report 2:

Reservation Forecast, (res_forecast)

Report 3:

Trial Balance (trial_balance)

Report 4:

Reservation History & Forecast (history_forecast)

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Hands-on exploration!

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Talk to our Experts!

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Need more proof?

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