PMI RHG Tour – Radisson Blu Arlandia and Radisson Blu SkyCity

Hamburg-based RIMC Hotels & Resorts implements d2o's Productivity Management tool PMI in 16 of its hotels

Written by Eric Cevey

After working over 20 years in the hotel industry, and loving every second of it, I have gathered experience from all levels within a hotel organisation, starting at Front Office and working through every department up to General Manager.

October 16, 2018

October 16, 2018

PMI at Radisson Blu Arlandia and Radisson Blu SkyCity

This week the Blue team, Eric and Liselott, had the pleasure of being onsite performing PMI training for two fine airport properties at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. With Eric having worked at Arlandia for 16 years previously, this was also a cheerful home-coming with a lot of familiar faces and warm greetings.

We found the Radisson Hotel teams with a good focus on productivity but highlighted the upsides of further engaging PMI to better manage future activities, set productivity targets at the departmental level and maintain a confident control. This will ensure a healthy contribution to the bottom line while simultaneously providing guest service assurance and team member satisfaction.

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We really enjoyed everyone’s engagement and enthusiasm – we are really looking forward to seeing how this flies!

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