RHG PMI Tour – PMI at Radisson Blu Hotel Glasgow

Hamburg-based RIMC Hotels & Resorts implements d2o's Productivity Management tool PMI in 16 of its hotels

Written by Eric Cevey

After working over 20 years in the hotel industry, and loving every second of it, I have gathered experience from all levels within a hotel organisation, starting at Front Office and working through every department up to General Manager.

March 25, 2019

March 25, 2019

PMI at Radisson Blu Hotel Glasgow

A dramatic curved copper screen is the dominant design element of the award-winning Radisson Blu Hotel Glasgow. The building is on Argyle Street and the unique architectural design cannot be missed, especially by the d2o team. After all, it was the first Managed Property in the UK to have implemented PMI.

Designed for the teams that want only the best. PMI tools deliver the information teams need, exactly when they need it.

During two very busy days, we had the pleasure to conduct training for the Management Team at the Radisson Blu Hotel Glasgow. The teams are well on their way to designing more performance plans using our intelligent tools. A huge thanks to GM Hina Rubbani and her team.

Thanks to

A huge thanks to GM Hina Rubbani and her team for the two days of onsite in February.

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