RHG PMI Tour – Radisson Blu Scandinvia Copenhagen

Hamburg-based RIMC Hotels & Resorts implements d2o's Productivity Management tool PMI in 16 of its hotels

Written by Eric Cevey

After working over 20 years in the hotel industry, and loving every second of it, I have gathered experience from all levels within a hotel organisation, starting at Front Office and working through every department up to General Manager.

October 26, 2018

October 26, 2018

PMI at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Copenhagen

The Grand Casino Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel welcomed the d2o Red BRE Team, Helen and Katrine, to the best views in town. Surprisingly, we found this Copenhagen hotel still enjoying a summer breeze in October. Regardless, it was all work at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, of course, and what a wonderful group of people to join.

Communication was key for this visit. With multiple systems working to improve productivity, our BRE team is always on a mission to resolve any interoperability challenges. This meant working diligently to make certain that our PMI systems were 100% up and running with the timekeeping system during the visit. To ensure full understanding of the systems, which are now talking to each other, we are making plans to return for an additional training.

PMI is more than just a platform. The BRE Team is there for ultimate service and support.

We encouraged the hotel staff to utilize the “management perspective” as the daily “dashboard” for meetings and we predict many positive outcomes. Hopefully this will save some time for the night audit. 😉

Thanks to

GM Steen Gartmann for the wonderful Concierge & Front Desk Staff!

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