Making goals actionable: Achieving sustainable goals using SMARTER target distribution

Hamburg-based RIMC Hotels & Resorts implements d2o's Productivity Management tool PMI in 16 of its hotels

Written by Hoang Nguyen

June 29, 2023

June 29, 2023

An annual reduction target, such as decreasing energy per room night from 158 to 100 kWh or water per room night from 850 to 550 liters, is too vague and overwhelming for hoteliers to act on. Amid their many daily tasks and duties, it is easy to lose sight of purpose and motivation without clear, specific short-term targets to work towards. 

Recognizing the need for ambitious, yet fair and achievable, monthly targets, tailored to each hotel’s unique circumstances, Strawberry collaborated with d2o, leveraging their 20+ years of expertise in resource and productivity management. Together, they developed a solution called SMARTER Goal Distribution. This model takes into consideration factors such as the modernity of the building, seasonal demand, past performance compared to peers, and the scope of services and facilities, e.g., swimming pool, spa, conference, etc. when dividing a multi-year group reduction goal for resources like energy, water, waste, etc. into monthly targets. Unlike an equal distribution of the overall goal across hotels and months, this method ensures a relative sense of reasonableness and fairness in target setting. 

GoGreen screenshot

The “SMARTER Goal Distribution”feature empowers the head office to set and adjust monthly targets for individual properties, taking into account various hotel-specific factors and metrics. This ensures the establishment of ambitious yet fair and achievable targets, allowing for efficient goal attainment.

The SMARTER Goal Distribution model ensures the committed overall goals remain the same, as it automatically readjusts monthly targets based on the reduction achieved to date, as well as accounting for any significant changes in the hotel portfolio, such as acquisitions or divestitures.

Additionally, PMI GoGreen eliminates tedious manual work and reduces the risk associated with maintaining complex spreadsheets, while enhancing efficiency and accuracy in target and progress tracking.

By implementing the SMARTER Goal Distribution model, Strawberry can effectively set and track monthly targets, driving progress and reducing the risk for not achieving the overall reduction commitment made to comply with UN sustainability development goals for climate action.



To learn more about how PMI GoGreen effectively addresses the key challenges that Strawberry needs to overcome to propel their sustainability efforts to new heights:


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