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Our proven system integration service establishes interoperability and seamless integration between PMI and various systems: property management, point-of-sales, table reservations, sales & catering, timekeeping, and more

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to collaborate with software peers to overcome compatibility issues and ensure seamless integration for the benefits of our joint clients.

Avoid vendor lock-in and enjoy the freedom to select and combine the best components. Our dedicated system integration team continuously work to expand d2o’s partnerships. Explore our extensive list of integration partners below.

PMI system integration landscape

PMI system integration

Seamless Integration at the Heart of Hospitality: PMI Software Suite

In the dynamic field of hospitality management, efficiency and synergy are not just ideals—they are essentials for success. The PMI software suite stands as a testament to this, providing an ecosystem that integrates various subsystems and data sources into a cohesive, collaborative platform.

Timekeeping System (TKS) Integration

At the foundation, the PMI software suite connects with Timekeeping Systems (TKS), ensuring that staffing and scheduling are optimized. By harnessing data on employee hours and shifts, PMI facilitates labor cost management, a critical aspect of any hospitality business.

Property Management System (PMS) Integration

Next is the Property Management System (PMS), which is the nucleus of hotel operations. From bookings and check-ins to guest services, PMI’s integration with PMS means real-time data flow, enabling on-the-fly decision-making that enhances guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Point of Sales (POS) Integration

Directly impacting the guest experience is the integration with Point of Sales (POS) systems. This seamless connection allows PMI to analyze sales data, manage inventory, and ensure that the revenue streams from dining, spa services, and other amenities are captured and optimized.

Revenue Management System (RMS) Integration

Integral to strategic financial planning is the Revenue Management System (RMS). PMI’s integration with RMS tools allows for sophisticated forecasting, dynamic pricing, and revenue optimization, ensuring that the business remains competitive and profitable.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration

No modern business can operate in isolation, and PMI’s integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is evidence of this. By centralizing financial, HR, and procurement data, PMI provides a comprehensive view of the business, enabling strategic decisions that are informed by a complete understanding of the enterprise’s resources.

Client Source Systems

Finally, PMI’s architecture allows for integration with client-specific source systems. This flexibility ensures that unique client needs are met, custom data sources are incorporated, and the PMI platform remains as versatile as the industry it serves.

The Collaborative Platform

At its core, PMI is a collaborative platform, depicted visually by the interconnections between various data systems. The PMI web and app interfaces provide user-friendly access points where stakeholders can engage with insights derived from integrated data, empowering them to make informed decisions.

The PMI backend is the engine room where data is processed, insights are generated, and intelligence becomes actionable. It’s where the complexity of multiple systems is distilled into clear, concise information through the PMI dashboard—accessible anywhere, anytime.

The PMI software suite revolutionizes hospitality management by offering a platform that integrates diverse systems into a harmonious, data-driven decision-making tool. The connections between TKS, PMS, POS, RMS, ERP, and client-specific source systems provide an unparalleled operational overview. This integration empowers managers to deliver exceptional guest experiences, optimize operations, and drive profitability. With PMI, the future of hospitality is not just integrated; it’s intelligent.

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