Inability to edit data for a specific period

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Written by Geson Perry

June 4, 2024

June 4, 2024

A “frozen” screen issue could be related to period locking. This would result in an inability to make any modifications to schedules, reports, or other entries for a specific period.

  • Check the Period Locking Settings: This issue is often related to the period locking feature in the PMI system. When a period is locked, it prevents any changes from being made for that time frame. Check the period locking settings for the specific month to see if it has been mistakenly set to close.
  • Unlock the Period: If the period for the specific month is locked, you will need to unlock it. This can be done by accessing the period locking settings in the PMI system. Double click on the padlock icon for the specific month to unlock the period. Note that you may need administrative rights to do this.
  • Contact PMI Support: If the issue persists even after unlocking the period, or if you are unable to unlock the period due to lack of permissions, contact the PMI support team for further assistance.

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