Invisible split shifts in schedule printouts without codes

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Written by Geson Perry

June 10, 2024

June 10, 2024

If you’re experiencing issues with split shifts not showing when printing the schedule without codes, it could be due to the level at which the shift code was created. Here’s a brief troubleshooting guide:

  • Check the Shift Code Level: If the shift code was created at the department level, it will only be visible within that specific department. This means that if an employee is working a split shift across multiple departments, the full details of her shift won’t be visible in a single department’s printout.
  • Create Shift Code at Property Level: To view the times from other departments in the printout, the shift code must be created at the property level. This allows the shift code, and therefore the details of the split shift, to be visible across all departments.
  • Adjust Print Settings: Ensure that your print settings are adjusted to include shift codes. This can be done in the Schedule module under the Tools menu.
  • Verify the Printout: After making these adjustments, print the schedule again to verify that the split shifts are now visible .

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