PMI Infographics

The following infographics offer a visual representation of key aspects of how the PMI platform enables:

– Smooth collaboration between departments in a continuous cycle of planning, implementing, monitoring, and adjusting resource management in response to changing business circumstances

– Adaptability and agility to be built into the management process, which makes it easy for hoteliers to navigate uncertainty and minimize the risks associated with resource use.

The job PMI does

Managing hotel operations effectively is challenging, as managers are constantly under pressure to optimize resources. However, fluctuating business levels and skilled labor shortage make this difficult to achieve. Continuously analyzing performance to identify areas for improvement is daunting. See how PMI can assist you and your teams to enhance productivity, guest service consistency, improve sustainability and your bottom line!

PMI infographics 2023

Hotels, resorts and restaurants

PMI is the technology which enables you to fine-tune and improve your business performance. Use this powerful platform to increase your hotel’s productivity, deliver consistent guest service, improve sustainability while boosting your profits.

PMI Infographics -Cruise and resorts


While PMI helps GMs and their teams optimize property P&Ls by managing daily resourcing more effectively, PMI+ assists the head office in maintaining control over the entire portfolio through streamlining group consolidation, scenario planning, and financial reporting. This includes providing comprehensive financial statements for individual properties as well as the group as a whole.

PMI Infographics - PMI Plus

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