Making adoption transparent, easy and engaging: The power of the GoGreen index

Hamburg-based RIMC Hotels & Resorts implements d2o's Productivity Management tool PMI in 16 of its hotels

Written by Hoang Nguyen

June 29, 2023

June 29, 2023

Another key lesson learned by the sustainability team from previous attempts was the lack of visibility of progress. Communication regarding progress was too extensive to grasp, infrequent, and provided too late for hoteliers to take timely action. As a result, this often led to frustration, conversations filled with excuses, and a growing sense of lack of control and ownership among hotel teams. 

Therefore, the management team required the new system to effectively communicate the level of adoption of eco-friendly practices by each hotel in an engaging and easily understandable manner, even for managers with no prior experience.  

In addition to delivering timely feedback, PMI offers machine learning forecasting capabilities that utilize hotel-specific metrics to predict month-end consumption. This alerts hoteliers to promptly take corrective actions, ensuring they get back on track and achieve the monthly targets set for their respective hotels. 

These challenges were all too familiar to d2o, as they have spent years working on measuring adoption of productivity management best practices in organizations. Drawing upon their expertise, they developed the GoGreen index. 

The index is a daily score that measures the effectiveness of hotel teams in adopting eco-friendly practices. It consists of a set of measurements, each weighted differently and aggregated into an overall score. These measurements primarily rely on leading indicators, offering timely insights into a hotel’s progress and the effectiveness of their execution efforts. Leading indicators are linked to specific tasks, behaviors, and deliverables that drive desired outcomes. Examples include monitoring weekly active logins and the number of misalignments between actual consumption and predicted business demand.  

 hospitality sustainability progress

Equip managers with machine learning to effortlessly track progress towards monthly targets and anticipate month-end results, ensuring

The GoGreen index and the dashboard provide GMs with a quick and clear understanding of their team’s strengths and areas for improvement. With the goal of reaching a score of 8, the dashboard enables targeted actions to higher score. 

The index includes around 15 measurement points, organized within the Adaptive Resource Management framework (Plan, Do, Monitor, Adjust, Evaluate and Learn). Examples of these measurement points are daily energy consumption aligned with Live (rolling) room forecast, weekly updates, month-end consumption compared to the monthly forecast, environmental feedback from guests and more. 

To foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning, each measurement point is accompanied by easy-to-understand descriptions of what, why, and how, helping users to develop their resource management skills. Feedback and guidance are provided in near real-time to promote transparency and accountability. 

 sustainability composition

Energy peak time demand

The Learning dashboard enables resource managers to evaluate patterns and identify areas of improvement, fostering continuous learning and informed decision-making. 


Strawberry has embraced the GoGreen index as their “sustainability rating,” which they publish for their guests and others, showcasing their efforts and progress to stakeholders and peers. This transparent approach puts their sustainability initiatives on display for the world to see, promoting visibility and shared responsibility. 

To learn more about how PMI GoGreen effectively addresses the key challenges that Strawberry needs to overcome to propel their sustainability efforts to new heights:


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