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Hamburg-based RIMC Hotels & Resorts implements d2o's Productivity Management tool PMI in 16 of its hotels

Written by Hoang Nguyen

June 29, 2023

June 29, 2023

Eco-friendly practices are often assumed to be at odds with profitability. However, Strawberry, along with a select few leaders, holds a different perspective and a growing body of evidence overwhelmingly suggests that being more efficient in resource utilization is a strong indicator of superior profitability. 

Sustainability make hotels profitable

GoGreen quantifies resource consumption in volume, monetary, and CO2 terms, aligning sustainability efforts with business priorities and highlighting the tangible benefits of sustainability work. CPOR is the total cost divided by occupied rooms. 


The solution to the challenge at hand is to effectively integrate eco-friendly practices into the core management processes of the organization. Furthermore, it is crucial to express the consumption and the reduction of resource waste in economic terms, in addition to volume and CO2 emissions.  

Strawberry’s Head of Development and Performance Management, Krohn, highlights: By harnessing the capabilities of the PMI suite, Strawberry is effectively connecting consumption and reduction achievements to the company’s profit and loss.” Moreover, with a complete portfolio overview of how the company is progressing towards its goals, broken down to individual hotels, decision-makers are well-equipped to make quicker and better decisions regarding capex, acquisition, and divestment.

This enables them to highlight the financial advantages of sustainable practices. In doing so, Strawberry aligns the pursuit of eco-friendly initiatives with their overall business priorities and strategy. 


To learn more about how PMI GoGreen effectively addresses the key challenges that Strawberry needs to overcome to propel their sustainability efforts to new heights:

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